Posted on July 12, 2014 at 4:41 am

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Shammi Pithia gives you 'COSMIC

COSMIC is the record Shammi Pithia has always wanted to make, the talented composer is all set to release his latest creation.

shammi pithiaTaking all of his experience as a composer, producer and performer, Shammi has created a breathtakingly graceful yet energizing album full of beauty, intricacy and emotion. After fourteen months of composition and studio work, collaborations with Sonna Rele, Sabiyha, Jatanil Banerjee and Ambika Jois, and recordings of an array of instruments including Bansuri (bamboo flute) and a 9-piece string ensemble, Shammi has created a masterpiece.

Produced and mixed by Shammi himself, and mastered at Metropolis by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin, COSMIC is a celebration of life from the “Big Bang” to the present. It takes the listener on a journey through space time, delivering a rich sound soaked in feeling, passion and excitement, all intertwined in a gritty and heavy sonic. Released on 21st July 2014 as a digital-only release (a CD release of the album is to come later in the year), COSMIC is distributed by Believe Digital and will be available on iTuenes, Amazon and all other leading digital download stores, be sure to get it!

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