Posted on July 5, 2014 at 6:28 pm

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Shahid Kapoor gets involved with the marketing plan for 'Haider'

Shahid Kapoor loves to dance he loves to act but now he has picked up a new hobby! Marketing? The actor decided to take a more strong part in his upcoming film Haider! But why? Is he ready to learn some marketing techniques? Guess everyone can learn while they are on the sets of their own film!

Shahid Kapoor’s next film ‘Haider’s’ promo is going to be launched next week and buzz is that the actor is taking a keen interest in the film’s communication strategy! Yep, you read right communication strategy! Pretty deep stuff, Shahid!  What’s more, the actor is said to be making himself available to the team of the film and is working closely with the marketing team. According to sources, Shahid is also always present whenever they require him.

Talking about it, Shahid’s spokesperson said in a statement,

“Shahid has become part of the team and has been actively attending meetings to understand and give suggestions on the plan.”

Meanwhile, an insider revealed that Shahid is taking it easy on the films that he’s doing these days especially after he shaved his head for his role in ‘Haider’! A source close to Shahid disclosed,

“Being emphatic about his role, Shahid happily shaved his head off for just one scene in ‘Haider’. He went ahead with the decision despite knowing that he won’t be able to work on his next project till the hair grows back… The scene was canned by Bhardwaj in Srinagar in March.”

Apparently with the bald head, the actor couldn’t go on his next project – SHAANDAR. Hence, he decided to take a break and now, after three months’ halt, Shahid is finally ready to shoot for his next with director Vikas Behl along with Alia Bhatt. Shahid also has Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.’s film lined up, following which he has Abhishek Chaubey’s next. Lot of upcoming projects for the busy Shahid Kapoor and lot of learning to do with ‘communication strategy’.

‘Haider’ is an adaptation of ‘Hamlet’, and is a part of director Vishal Bhardwaj’s Shakespeare trilogy after ‘Maqbool’ (Macbeth) and OMKARA (Othello). The films trailer is all set for release this week! Stay tuned for the release of Haider on!

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