Posted on July 23, 2014 at 6:47 pm

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Sajid and Farhan's Entertainment adheres to all animal rules

Director duo Sajid and Farhad thoroughly researched the rules and regulations before actually shooting with an animal, in this case a dog, for upcoming entertainer, Entertainment. They made it a point to follow the lawful guidelines before shooting overseas.


Sajid says that they did not want to spark a controversy. No wonder the Minister of Women and Children, Maneka Gandhi, promptly agreed to come forward to support the film. Maneka said that, unlike other films that were not even aware of laws pertaining to shooting with animals, here was a film that had been shot with an animal responsibly.

“I watched the trailer and realized the makers had been very responsible while shooting with an animal. I think it is a lot of fun to have animals in a movie in the right humane way. Therefore it gives me immense joy in seeing that the dog in the movie is depicted in such an endearing manner and so much care is taken. The makers have abided by all the laws during the making of the movie and after. I hope this movie sets an example in Bollywood and we get see many more animal friendly loving comedies in the future.”

Akshay and Maneka Gandhi
Akshay Kumar and Maneka Gandhi

A roller-coaster ride filled with laughter, comedy and even more laughter for the entire family, “Entertainment” releases on 8th August, presented by Tips Industries Ltd and distributed internationally by B4U

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