Posted on July 5, 2014 at 3:20 pm

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Review: Blame It On Yashraj

Cast: Ananth Mahadevan, Jayati Bhati, Anchal Sabharwal, Punit Tejwani, Smita Hai, Gaurav Sharma, Palash Dutta & Neel Gagdan.

Director & Writer: Bharat Dabholkar

Producer: Ashwin Gidwani

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Rating: 3/5

Behind every good concept, there is a powerful script which adds color in making the final product, a masterpiece. Today’s Indian theatre culture, highlights it’s authenticity by showcasing an intriguing take upon cinema and Bollywood films specifically. One such instance of that is Ashwin Gidwani’s Blame It On Yash Raj, written & directed by well known theatre personality, Bharat Dabholkar.


Blame It On Yash Raj tackles the quintessential perceptions that one holds about the concept of a typical Bollywood wedding, through the spectacle of a tummy-tickling story, which revolves around a Pubjabi/Bengali family of a daughter, marrying a Muslim boy. What lies in the days ahead before they tie the knot, is a series of larger-than-life, vibrant and glamorous preparations, with every aspect of the logistics concerning the wedding. Until, it culminates into a typical ‘Yashraj’ style marriage celebration.

For me, one of the most stand out performances, was Ananth Mahadevan. Having done a varied range of work in films & on TV for years, has made him a veteran in his timing with comedy, dialogue delivery and voice projection, on stage. Mahadevan’s very first monologue at the start of the play, sets the perfect tone for the sequence of acts that follow right after it.

Jayati Bhatia has proved her scintillating sense of consistency through memorable performances on TV, in making her a well rounded actress. The loud & overpowering role of the mother that she showcases in the play, explains why she’s been casted for the role. She is a live-wire on stage, just as much as she is on screen.

With every well written play, there is a feeling of satisfaction attached to it. Blame It On Yashraj will make you want to sing, dance and fall in love, in a manner that you can only hold Yashraj films responsible for. Because if having a full scale, grand style Bollywood wedding is your fantasy, then you just can’t miss this play.

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