Posted on July 10, 2014 at 11:39 pm

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Deeksha talks 'Lekar Hum Deewana Dil'

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil (With Our Joyful Hearts) is a romantic Bollywood drama film that stars Armaan Jain and Deeksha Seth. Jointly produced by Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan and Sunil Lulla under the banner of Eros International and Illuminati Films, it is the debut directorial venture of Arif Ali, who was the assistant writer of the film Aahista Aahista, directed by his brother Imtiaz Ali. The film has music scored by A. R. Rahman. Actress Deesha Seth told us a little bit about herself and her career! Check out our interview with Deeksha Seth!

1.​You been in many Telegu Films how was it like working on a different film whichis Hindi based rather than acting in films which are Telegu?

Deeksha: It was great working on the film, hindi is my mother tongue and there was a certain ease while performing but when your on set its all the same. After my first few Telugu movies I learnt the language,but this sort of film I’ve never done before.its a very realistic movie and I had a lot of fun shooting it.

2.​How have you been able to build your craft and acting ability while working on this film? And what can you take back in order to build your craft as an artist even further when working on LHDD?

Deeksha: We were put in a lot of classes and given training before the shoot started. This helped me understand the plot and where my character stands Arif Sir made us read the script many times and gave us a lot of tasks,around our character ,which made it easy to connect with the character. Personally I felt connected to the character from the first script reading.i prepared a back story for the character and approached it like she is my best friend.



3.​For many people who don’t know what is your role in the film and your character like?

Deeksha: My characters name is Karishma Shetty, shes from a traditional mangalorean family,but is born and brought up in Mumbai. She’s a college going girl and she is full of life.spunky and she is someone who believes that it’s her life and she can decide how to live it. Dino is her best friend!

4.As I asked Armaan – were there any difficult scenes in the movie that you had todo which were hard?

Deeksha: There wasn’t any one scene in particular but because the script was so real,all scene had to be done in a very unassuming manner.

5. If not acting then what would you do?

Deeksha Seth: Marine archeologist

6.​If you had to choose one song from the film that you like the most which would itbe and why?

Deeksha Seth: Allahada, because it’s a very soulful and melodious song. It was the first scratch I heard and have loved it ever since.