Posted on June 26, 2014 at 7:40 pm

Music What's Happenin'

Jassi Sidhu and PBN bring you "Singh"

Jassi Sidhu is cemented as one of the UK’s biggest international artists and PBN has a hit list of dance floor anthems unparalleled in recent times. Now two of the greatest ever talents in the Brit Asian music scene come together to bring you ‘SINGH’ a track to light up the summer and resonate across dance floors worldwide.

‘SINGH’ is a culmination of months of hard work bringing together two of the most distinctive style’s to originate from the UK shores to create a dance floor anthem, that Punjabi music lovers worldwide will instantly connect with. The song itself pays homage to the character traits, vibrancy and individuality that is associated with being a modern day ‘SINGH’ fused with a backing track that delivers the perfect illustration of traditional with a twist. ‘SINGH’ is the latest chapter in an incredible journey taken by two artists who have lit up the music scene globally with their own distinct styles.

If you’ve got SINGH in your name it’s time to sing it loud and proud because…2014 is definitely going to be remembered as the summer of ‘SINGH’.

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