Posted on June 13, 2014 at 11:16 pm

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"Forever" with Navin Kundra and Ill Defined!

The UK desi scene has been thriving of late, and for some reason, when their groups collaborate it results in even more amazing tunes!  The latest collaboration to come from the UK scene is between singing sensation, Navin Kundra, and the rapper duo – “Ill Defined.”  Brothers and rappers, Mar2s (Mar-toos) and Ripz, from Bedford are the two members of the band.

Over the last two years, Ill Defined have built up a considerable following in the urban scene having worked with artists from So Solid CrewTinie Tempah’s Disturbing London label, Marvell Music’s DoubleS and production from ADP Muzik and Vee on their 2013 EP ‘Bonded by Blood’. The duo already boasts a host of reputable names under their belt.  Now, they team up with reigning heartthrob of the UK desi scene, Navin Kundra, to deliver the masterpiece ‘Forever‘.

The meaning of Ill Defined is: ‘not clearly or sharply defined’. It’s used to describe something that is not understood and something you do not quite know what to do with, it’s like a problem and it’s this mystery that separates them from others in the industry.

The singer-songwriters bring a unique style and concept to their productions which has led to their sound been coined an ‘Ill Deli Beat’! This has made them very sought after amongst the hip-hop community as they present a universal and commercially orientated sound, while at the same time staying true to their own musical influences.


Following from the buzz of their urban success they now bring you a fusion of Urban and Asian with the smooth vocals from Navin Kundra on ‘Forever’ which promises to give the listeners something a little bit different.  Kundra shot to fame with the track “Mehbooba” and followed it up with hit after hit in the UK scene.

‘Forever’ releases on Thursday 26th June via iTunes and other digital stores and is available for pre-order NOW!

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