Posted on June 18, 2014 at 10:27 pm

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Armaan and Ranbir get ready for football!

With all the FIFA fever going on in India it’s no doubt that a few actors have caught the bug and are now playing the game! Well at least a family game of Football! The game between Ranbir and ‘Football’, a nickname given by the star to his younger sibling Armaan, because he was healthy as a kid, saw the duo bonding over the game. In keeping up with the FIFA fever, the two football fanatics played a friendly game against each other yesterday.

Also caught in this football fever were ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ director Arif Ali and his director brother Imtiaz Ali, each a member of one of the teams.  Armaan’s co-star Deeksha was seen as the referee and later joined Armaan’s team to play the game. Looks like the female co-star has some sporty skills!

Football Game Image 5

Sibling bonding between the cousins was at its best during this thrilling game. The brothers teased, laughed and cheered each other while playing. During the game, Ranbir playfully lifted Armaan in his arms and carried him around. Talking about his brother, Armaan said,

“Ranbir bhaiya is a huge star and has been an inspiration to me.”

Now that’s super CUTE!


Football Game Image 6

Ranbir reminisced how he bought Armaan’s first football shoes and football. The brothers would often enjoy and play the game as kids. Ranbir also went on to give tips to the debutants for their first movie. The football crazy brothers were on a roll as they kept everyone entertained with their antics. One could see the close relationship they share and this game made them remember and relive their younger and carefree days.

Football Game Image 1

Football Game Image 8

This start studded occasion concluded with a surprise birthday celebration for director Imtiaz Ali. It was an affair to remember.

Looks like everyone has caught on to the FIFA bug and started playing FIFA! We don’t blame them, its FIFA season!

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