Posted on May 6, 2014 at 12:02 am

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TaZzZ sheds some "Teardrops" with Raxstar and Rita Morar

London based rapper/producer TaZzZ releases “Teardrops” the first single from his forthcoming debut album. The soulful track features UK-based rapper Raxstar and a chorus by the lovely Rita Morar. Check out the track!

Produced by TaZzZ, this track displays growth and maturity in the artist. The voices of TaZzZ, Raxstar and Rita Morar are beautifully intertwined to create this intense story of heartbreak and love that is lost. Handling production duties himself and also contributing a verse of his own, TaZzZ shows his multifaceted skill set and impresses on all accounts. Be sure to support these artists and grab this track off iTunes today!