Posted on April 25, 2014 at 5:55 pm

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Picture Please Diva?

What would Bollywood be without drama, and what would drama be without a good old-fashioned diva.  We have seen them all, the ones who deny a relationship and then giggle when they are “found” by the paparazzi, the ones that deny having anything to do with the illegal substances found in their personal home and our favorite divas are the ones whom the night before are publicized for being so humble for spending time with her fans and yet the next day has her manager tell a few fans that shes not “authorized” to take  pictures with fans and is rushed off to work. Bollywood actress turned mainstream American singer, Priyanka Chopra falls into that last category.


With IIFA  premiering we thought we would share a little story from a surprised and disappointed fan. Tampa, Florida, the pre-celebrations for IIFA begins with IIFA Rocks, a kick-off night with charity fashions shows, celebrity performances, and the chance for young fans to meet some of the favorite stars up close.

images-1This young fan excited to meet one of her favorite stars missed half of the performances of the night so that she could wait by the green carpet to see the superstar arrive. The superstar arrives look straight in the fans eyes, rolled her eyes and points to her manager. After glancing at the manager, the manager states she is not authorized to take pictures at this time. The fan disappointed and angered by the response pleaded once more for a picture but unfortunately with her luck, she got no picture.

Priyanka Chopra you just lost a very dedicated fan and her respect. Rumor has it Miss. Chopra had signed a contract with IIFA to attend all the events including meeting her fans at the airport when she first arrives. Chopra was said to be the most humble and caring star to arrive because of the amount of time she took to meet all the fans.

celebs-stuns-iifa-rocks-2014_139840694560Coincidence that the media was there to record all this down? hmm… Priyanka ji, we obviously don’t know whats on your contract but, was it stated on there that you come an hour late to IIFA rocks and then leave in a half-hour, have your mom have to answer why you were not at IIFA Magic of the Movies not to mention ignore your waiting fans?

I think we may need to remind you that stars are nothing without their fans. Now Miss. Chopra,  we understand all these events can be tiring and we can get annoying but at least flash us a smile when the paparazzi isn’t around. But, don’t worry Priyanka these things happen, you are an actress after all.