Posted on April 23, 2014 at 5:06 pm

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Kingdom of Dreams: India’s Bollywood Response to Broadway

Hindi cinema, or more popularly known as Bollywood is undoubtedly the most favorite and popular commercial pastime of the average Indian worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people flock movie theaters every Friday and continue towards the end of the week-end till the following week to see the latest release. The 2.5-3hrs worth of celluloid takes the viewer into a world of distance from their real lives – of imagination, fantasy and comfort. What if I was to tell you, that this experience is so much more larger than life when seen live with actual people and on a stage rather than a screen. A Bollywood film is brought to life and experienced as such only at one place – The Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, India.



Besides being home to India’s first Bollywood theatrical extravaganzas in true Broadway style, the Kingdom of Dreams is a genuinely a royal destination. Nuatanki Mahal comprises of the two cinematic theater experiences of Zangoora, the Gypsy Prince and Jhumroo. Both these world-class productions are the highlight of your dream in this kingdom located in the National Capital Region of India. Besides the much sought after and critically acclaimed shows, there is also an indoor gully (street) that represents the culture of the vibrant nation of India. Rightly called so, Culture Gully claims the taste buds of every passer-by of this Gully as there are numerous delicacies from every corner of India and that to at its best. From chicken tikka masala to Hyderabadi biryani to masala dosa – they have it all!



UrbanAsian host Monty (@montyislive) during his recent trip to India had the pleasure to attend an exclusive show of Zangoora, the Gypsy Prince starring Hussain Kuwajerwala & Kashmira Irani. Former TV stars both Kuwajerwala & Irani along with their entire cast of performers, technicians, producers and complete crew were astonishingly outstanding. What stood out most was their captivating energy, sheer performing talent and ease of connecting with the audience. Both Kuwajerwala & Irani leave a presence of their own during this royal response to the international Broadway stage. Monty caught up with the starring cast and Kingdom of Dreams technical head right before the Zangoora journey and got to know what it takes to put on such a show!



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