Posted on April 14, 2014 at 2:58 am

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Get your IIFA Check List ready!!

So are you a fan and have no clue what to bring when you meet your stars in a few days? Well not to worry we have some items that you should bring if you are around for the IIFA’s! Here are some items and some ‘tips’ you might want to jot down!

1. First, be sure to have a good camera or phone camera so that you may take your photos of all your favorite actors and singers and many more that are coming! So get ‘charged’ up fans!


2.Be sure to wear good shoes, I guarantee you will be running around in the heat! Why are we saying running shoes or maybe even flats for ladies? Well you would be surprised – past IIFAs have seen hundred and thousands of fans screaming to see all the amazing actors and running around just to catch a glimpse of them! So be sure to get a good pair!

3.Be mindful of pushing around when at IIFA, we don’t want anyone getting hurt now do we, nor do the actors. Let’s make a fun event! 🙂

4.Water (LOTS of it!) -Summer is approaching so being hydrated is super important! Downtown is a huge place and with the venues outside and inside of downtown you really need to keep hydrated! You will lose track of how much time goes by when you’re having fun and being able to keep up is always important if you want to have a full festival experience. Be sure to have plenty of water or a bottle at least if you get thirsty as many of you will be waiting outside for hours just to see your favorite actors!


5.Maybe get your autograph book ready? Same concept as the autograph book & pen. If autographs are not your thing, it would be nice to get a picture with a celebrity to show that you have met them! (Guys, this can be a great conversation starter with the ladies!) #justsaying


6.Attending Magic at the Movies and IIFA awards as well? Be sure you save your screams even after seeing the stars roam around town because trust me you will be screaming even more! Get prepared to save your voice while you scream for the three day event! Wait a second it’s four days because don’t forget we have a FREE event that Wednesday at Curtis Hixon Park! Yeah, it’s Free! We love that don’t we! Of coarse we do!


7. Don’t forget the obvious – now you will probably laugh when I say this but it happens so often, its not even funny anymore. Don’t forget essentials like your cell phone, watch, tickets (duh!) & money (seriously…it has happened). Make a checklist for yourself if your heading out early & plan to come back late. Nothing sucks more than having your cell phone die early evening, you run of money, or you arrive at the festival first in line and you forgot your tickets. So be prepared!


8. So if you are heading to the awards be sure to strike a pose in your outfit before you head to the event and do the ‘Happy’ dance and clap your hands because you got your tickets to see all your favorite stars and actors perform live on stage! Pretty exciting, right? If you haven’t bought your ticket – then this check list is not complete for you! So what are you waiting for, get your ticket!


9.Many people probably have met some of the Bollywood actors they love and have taken photos with them. So why not bring them with you? You never know the actor would love to see a old school photo of themselves! #OldSchoolBollywood

10.Now has a really fun idea which will take place during the 4 days where you be able to take photos and send us your favorite snaps and we will upload them on our fan pages! How cool is that? Have the whole world see your photos with your favorite stars! Pretty neat right? Be sure to tweet us or instagram your photos at @UrbanAsian!

11.Lastly, read over this list and be sure to not forget your phone, water, and your book because Bollywood is heading to America for the first time!

Are you ready United States of America as the event is only a few weeks away?

Get that Check list going! If you think you should add more to the list – leave us a comment and we would love to add it on the check list!

See you at the Awards!

Now if we see you Wednesday be sure to tell all your friends about the free event at Curtis Hixon Park!