Posted on February 10, 2014 at 11:23 pm

Bollywood Featured Music What's Happenin'

London group ‘RaOol’ talk about their love for India and Music!

Nowadays, with the constant change of various different trends, people are beginning to find a liking for newer genres of music, which consist of mashups from original tracks, and remixes that are made to give a specific song an interesting beat.


Last week, the upcoming London based music duo RaOol, spoke to me exclusively about their common tastes, because of which they first met on MySpace, after which they got together to create a genre which they call as Hip-Pop EDM. With their famous track- Dhuwan(Smoke), creating a huge stir on youtube with the number of hits that it’s received, has  put RaOol on the list of favorites in the Subcontinent & all across the UK.

Keeping in mind of their ethnic roots, it comes as no surprise that the name RaOol, originated from their biggest inspiration and legendary Indian Cinema music composer, R.D. Burman. 

With such a successful rise that they’ve already garnered so early in their career, one can only expect them to continue creating magic with beats and lyrics.

To know more about their latest music, check out my telephonic interview with the duo.