Posted on February 17, 2014 at 1:30 am

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Gladrags Mrs India to a working mother!

gladYukti Kapoor Mehandiratta a known name in the world of glamour, shot to fame when she won the prestigious title of Gladrags Mrs India in the year 2008. With her MBA from Bajaj , she has managed to create a niche in this almost saturated market of exhibitions proving herself in the corporate scene.
Yukti, a perfect example of a working mother who always had a soft corner for Kids, but it’s only after she was blessed with twins that she realized the passion she possesses to make a difference in the kids domain. Carrying forward this thought of hers, she wanted to try and make some changes in today’s parenting scenario.

“Good marriage is imperative for good parenting” is her take on parenting.

Ask her about how she feels to be a mother and she says,

“Being a better human is what I believe in, winning Mrs India was just a feather in the cap but being a better person is what defines me and my life.”

Education is more about values and principles rather than typical textbook knowledge is what she believes in. Teach and guide a child and he will take care of himself, says Yukti. Lending out used clothes or toys to underprivileged children is a small thing that she does for society.
To accentuate this issue, Yukti along with her co-partner Pooja Gupta present Kids Mela from 28th February to 2nd March at WTC,Mumbai . Kids Mela, wherein Kids can enjoy and learn while parents can do some sensible shopping for them.

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