Posted on January 10, 2014 at 4:34 am

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Punjabi Movie “Patiala Dreamz” releasing Jan 10!

Patiala Dreamz, about to become a reality as it is releasing on January 10th!  The film is a through and through entertainer and stars Sarwar Ahuja (winner of Zee Cine Stars Ki Khoj) and Madalasa Sharma as the main leads.  It also stars comedy king BN Sharma.  Best of all, this Punjabi movie has been made for a good cause and is literally a movie with heart, as part of the proceeds will help heart patients across the world.  Produced by Dr Anmol Kapoor this upcoming movie is already making global headlines for its social cause of helping and educating the South Asian community on a healthy heart.

In addition, the movie has partnered with international with ROKO Cancer campaign to raise awareness and collect funds for the charity.  Patiala Dreamz will donate some proceeds to the ROKO Cancer foundation to help underprivileged areas get up to date equipment’s in remote area of Punjab.  The decision to partner up with ROKO was made by the producer of the film, Dr. Anmol Kapoor who is also a cardiologist.  He explained,

 “Patiala Dreamz Movie is from the heart and is for the heart. Its a fun romantic drama with the right doses of comedy and suspense to make it a complete Bollywood Masala Affair. It’s the first attempt of Punjabi cinema to make pure crossover Punjabi movie. The Songs have already topping charts and take you back to the  Punjab of Yash Raj movies. You will love the scenery and the freshness of star cast which comes from Bollywood and Punjabi cinema. And, the best part is, some of the funds raised from the movie will go towards great causes, such as DILWALK Foundation to help reduce heart disease among south Asians and help Roko Cancer UK trust. One of the best way to enjoy weekend, take your family to complete entertainer and feel good that the time spent with the family and money spent was for a great cause. Make sure to buy original music, CD, DVDs.”

DIL WALK (DO IT for LIFE) foundation is a registered charity targeting the South Asian population to take control of their heart health. The program is a non-profit, community-driven venture that seeks to empower people to take control of their own health.  Funds raised will be spent on raising awareness about heart disease in South Asians, developing resources, provide Heart ultrasound machines to Cancer Roko (UK), provide free heart medicines to poor in Punjab, and conduct research to help reduce heart attacks in South Asians.

“Cinema is one of the biggest mediums these days. Everybody watches movies, picks up papers goes through to see what’s the best flick to watch, so my wife Raman Kapoor and I thought why not make a great Punjabi movie and at the same time raise awareness for DIL WALK foundation”- Dr Anmol Kapoor.

Patiala Dreamz is directed by Abhishek Saxena, who is the youngest director in this industry. At the age of 24 he has already made an impact in the industry. The film has both Bollywood and Punjabi stars including Sarwar Ahuja (Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj award winner), Madalsa Sharma, Ankit Kakarr (Ishaqzade), Veilly (Mausam, Rolla Pai Gaya), BN Sharma, Sardar Sohi, Rana Jung Bahdur, Amritpal Billa Bhaji, upcoming singer Kulwinder Billa and Jazz Punjabi, Amita Nangia, Usha Bachani, Sheila Sharma (all known Bollywood character actors).

Patiala Dreamz is a story of a Canadian man (Sarwar Ahuja) who is having re-occurring dreams of places around Patiala in Punjab.  He has never visited Patiala or India before.  He is curious and wants to know the reason behind his dreams.  He comes across a girl from Patiala (Madalsa Sharma). She, along with her friends, also travel to India to find out why he is having these dreams and visit the new country.  Several questions arise, such as: Is there a connection to his present life? Or, his past life? What do all these signs mean?  To get the answers, you will have to head to the cinema January 10th 2014!  The movie also has a 7 track soundtrack and all the comedy, romance, and story line which a good film needs alongside exotic locations from Goa, Canada and Malaysia.

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