Posted on January 28, 2014 at 11:56 pm

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Mumbai Chopra Returns To Poke Fun At Hollywood

“Mumbai Chopra: Misadventures of an It Girl” is set to return for its third and final season in February 2014. The coming-of-age comedy, helmed by MTV News producer/writer Natasha Chandel, spoofs celebrity and pop culture through the hilarious antics of a spiritual guru’s socialite daughter, and the new season will guest star MTV’s Charlamagne tha God.

“Mumbai Chopra: Misadventures of an It Girl” is a coming-of-age comedy that follows the antics of Mumbai Chopra – the sweet yet materialistic daughter of a spiritual guru who narrowly escapes a video scandal and haphazardly finds enlightenment in her life.




A gold standard in web series production, “Mumbai Chopra” has filmed all over the world including New York, Washington, Jersey Shore, Toronto and even Mumbai, India! This is the final season of the series that has garnered over half a million views, and partnered with the Special Olympics to address the misuse of the “R” word.

“You write about what you know best. I knew all those years obsessing over Hollywood would pay off,” Chandel jokes, comparing the show to “ ‘Clueless’ but with a dash of culture.”

Chandel’s “smart” and “witty” episodes parody everything from the “Kardashians” to Paris Hilton (the inspiration behind Mumbai’s name), Tyra Bank’s on-camera “ANTM” freakout to “Kick-Ass” to viral song parodies of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, to name a few. Heck, she even pokes fun at Oprah!

The third season will feature Natasha Chandel returning as the sweet but materialistic Mumbai Chopra who not only loses her talk show and boyfriend in seasons one and two, respectively, but all direction. Season 3 kicks off the ultimate journey for the Hollywood “It” girl: to find out who she really is.

“She [Natasha] makes you laugh, cry and feel strongly for the strong yet vulnerable character, Mumbai. This is entertainment at its very best with brilliant writing and acting. Natasha convinces you not only to like and love Mumbai Chopra but sneakily makes you wish you could have a heart as good as hers.” Lavanya Anand (Vice President of Content, Channel [v] India)

Aizzah Fatima will continue to voice Mumbai’s bratty little sister Sonal (who never appears on camera … or does she in season 3?!) and the show will introduce MTV “Girl Code” star Charlamagne tha God as her unexpected Spirit Guide. Also featured: Luke Guldan as her ex-bf Austin Wright, comedian Jack Thriller and Mark St. Cyr as Trey. Guess we will have to find out in this season what the scoop is all about!

“At the core of it, it’s an every girl story,” Chandel says. “It’s about love, coming into your own, and finding the balance between chasing your dreams and maintaining your morals.”

Now “That’s OM.”

So who is Mumbai Chopra behind the scenes? Well you have probably seen her in our IIFA award shows hosting and talking to Bollywood actors on the carpet! Yes she is the amazing Natasha Chandel who is an award-winning New York-based performer and media professional. She is the creator, writer, director and star of “Mumbai Chopra: Misadventures of an It Girl,” helming 3 seasons, 28 episodes of the hit comedy web series she says is like “ ‘Cluess’ with a dash of culture.”

Among her achievements, Natasha is a Lancome Mille Femmes, honored as 1000 of the most creative women in her native Toronto. She is currently a content producer/writer at MTV News by day, and a proud UCB student by night. She is represented by Mavrick Artists. For more please visit:

Season 3 will hit the Internet mid-February 2014, with 7 episodes airing every Sunday on or Be sure to follow her journey and her web-series as she is back for Season 3! Stay OM!

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