Posted on December 10, 2013 at 7:18 pm

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RDB and T-Pain's Daddy Da Cash is Out – Official Music Video!

The Urban-Desi music industry has been crossing borders for all the right reasons in the past few years. Huge collaborations between the East and the West have made it possible for Desi music to be heard and promoted to the wider audience and this is exactly what happens when the best in the business join hands. “Kidaan,” is what American singer-rapper, T-Pain, who took auto-tune to the next level says to Manj, of RDB, one of the leading labels of the UK Punjabi front.


Daddy Da Cash is the latest single released from the much anticipated RDB album, titled, Worldwide and the boys Manj & Surj provide all the idea and creativeness of the concept to their late brother and integral force of the trio – Kuly.

“This track is quite special and very close to our hearts. The entire concept and melody was Kuly’s. We have just improvised on it. T-Pain helps give it an international sound. In fact T-Pain said we are the coolest looking Indian guys he’s seen. We are really excited about what our fans have to say. It’s the first big project we are doing outside Bollywood, an independent RDB song with an international artist. Such collaborations help bring different cultures and genres of music together. We hope our fans will enjoy it!”

Exotically shot in Miami, RDB in their signature style, Raftaar making his presence, T-Pain rapping and singing providing that South Side flavor and gold coins all over the place – a truly international track!

Watch #DaddyDaCash here –

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