Posted on December 7, 2013 at 4:47 am

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Jaz Dhami drops "Zulfa"

British Asian artist, Jaz Dhami drops the music video for his latest track, “Zulfa.” Check it out!

After receiving over 230 thousand views for the trailer alone, Jaz Dhami drops the video to the melodious “Zulfa.” Ther ack is produced by the very talented, Dr. Zeus! “Zulfa” also features Shortie, Fateh and Yasmine. Jaz Dhami truly does an amazing job on this track, his soulful voice is what you remember most from this track. The chorus is reminiscent of a bit of old school Bollywood, but Dr. Zeus adds a modern touch as do the featured artists.

jaz dhami

Be sure to catch this track off of iTunes today!

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