Posted on October 21, 2013 at 2:23 am

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Tigerstyle and Kaur-B turn it up with "Zulfaan De Naag"

The Talented Tigerstyle and Kaur-B have teamed up for this EDM inspired hot new track titled “Zulfaan De Naag.” This is one track you must listen to, it’ll have you bouncing in your seat for sure! Check it out!

Since it’s release critics have been praising the track non-stop! Just take a look what some of our fellow critics had to say!

Producers have experimented with Electronic Dance Music in Bhangra for years, but the Digi-Bhang singles sound like miniature audio revolution, Zulfaan De Naag is one of the finest moments on the album. – Ramneek,

Zulfaan De Naag is girly but powerful. The vocals, bass and beat blend seamlessly together to create a catchy tune. It’s one of the best tracks on Digi-Bhang and I can’t wait to try it out on a dance floor. – Sari-Clad Speakers, The Desi Music Blog

Just heard your track Zulfaan De Naag. It gets lost in the album. Deserves more attention. You guys need to push it more. SICK song. – Epic Bhangra, New York, USA

The sweet sassy vocals of Kaur-B weaving through sweeping synth lines meet with thumping kick and growling BASS to create a Digi-Bhang favourite, Zulfaan De Naag. This is one SinglePack from the Tigerstyle Digi-Bhang series DJs simply can’t afford to miss out on, with remixes supplied by UK Garage star Monstaboy, Punjabi Dubstepper G-TA, Pakistan’s Talal Qureshi, and emerging Indian Soundcloud talent Wobble Maharajas.

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