Posted on October 31, 2013 at 11:28 pm

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Tampa Bay hosts the 26th India Festival!

This past weekend on Saturday October 26,2013 the 26th India Festival (Tampa Fest) was celebrated at the State Fairgrounds in Tampa,Fl. Like every year the event get’s bigger and better! This year was super special as Tampa Bay gears up to host IIFA next June in Tampa Bay viewed by more than 8 million people!

971459_500412913363576_15615080_nThis wonderful most amazing festival is celebrated every year with vendors from all around the U.S.A from Atlanta all the way to Michigan bringing you marvelous, glamorous clothing to buy from and the most delicious and traditional ethnic indian food to taste from. Check out what the show is all about here!


Millions of people come and watch the amazing dance competition which starts from Minors and goes all the way to adults representing the different types of dance forms that were originated from India such as Classical,Folk, Raas, and Bhangra. See how the different compete against each other and show off there best dance moves. We also have fashion shows during the event showing you the latest fashion in clothes.


The show was great and the dances were amazing! Tampa Bay is all set to host IIFA which comes to town in June of 2014 and what better way to promote the event at the Festival this past weekend!

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