Posted on October 24, 2013 at 10:43 pm

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International urban music group RDB to release new track for Bullett Raj

The internationally famed brothers of RDB, are bringing some of their magical music skills to the soundtrack of Saif Ali Khan’s next blockbuster film, Bullet Raja! The boys are working on a new track titled, “Tamanche Pe Disco” for the movie. The track has a rustic yet contemporary beat and features the lead vocals of songstress Nindy Kaur and the lyrical knowledge of Raftaar to give it its trademark ‘UP gangster’ feel.

Tamanche Pe Disco is the first time that RDB has collaborated with Fox Star Studios and Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan. The song also signifies a move away from their trademark Bhangra/Punjabi repertoire. Check out this interview with Surj from RDB about the new track!


Q: How did you get on board with Tamanche Pe Disco?
Surj: It all started with a call from Sameer Gogate, who put us in touch with one of the producers of Bullett Raja, Nitin Ahuja. He had requested a track from our music bank given the short deadline. As we do, we showcased them a couple of different numbers but a pre-made version of Tamanche Pe Disco was selected.


Q: How was it working with Saif and Sonakshi?
Surj: These superstars are very grounded. Saif was extremely focused on how he wanted the music and had a real flare for hearing a hit! After seeing our takes at the shoot, he insisted we did one scene with him for the song and it was a pleasure working with him. Sonakshi, as well as being stunning in person, was very humble and great to interact with.


Q: The song has a very rustic yet a very contemporary beat, what was the concept behind it?
Surj: We tried a slightly different approach for this song and used the lyrical knowledge of Raftaar to give it more of a UP flavour. The music still has the signature RDB sound.


Q: What was your inspiration for the track?
Surj: The theme of the movie had some part to play with the composition of the track as well as the trademark UP gangster lifestyle.


Q: How did Raftaar and Nindy come on board?
Surj: The song required female vocals and who better to suit than Nindy Kaur. Raftaar not only added to the theme of the song with his lyrics but uplifted the track further by adding his rap performance to parts of the track. Nindy and Raftaar are a killer combination.

Bullet Raja
Bullet Raja

Q: Fun moments on the set while shooting the song?
Surj: Every shoot is a great and unique experience, but I think this one was the fastest arranged shoot ever. The track was made within three days after which the whole shoot was arranged in two. Within a week the track was composed, paid for, excepted and shot. Only in India!


Q: How does the track compare to what you have done earlier?

Surj: Tamanche Pe Disco represents the first time RDB has collaborated with Saif. The track also moves away from our trademark Bhangra/Punjabi beat as we experiment with a UP flavor so our fans are in for a real treat!

Saif Ali Khan with RDB in Tamanche Pe Disco Song from Bullett Raja

Q: Who are the key musical influencers in your life?

Surj: We would definitely say our father, our late brother Kuly and each other in the team.


Q: What are the future projects in Bollywood that you are working on?
Surj: We have five upcoming projects, two of which are with new up and coming casts and the other three are with A-list stars. Our main highlight is that we are now officially releasing our collaboration track with T-Pain on the 21st of November with Universal in India and Three Records internationally. Our Album is also set to release in December.


Be sure to catch the hot new track in Bullet Raja releasing November 29th!

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