Posted on September 6, 2013 at 1:46 am

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Sukhi Sivia debut’s with Dr. Zeus in Sarkara

24 year old singer songwriter Sukhi Sivia has been hungry, working relentlessly and honing his craft this for this moment, to make his own and his fathers’ dream a reality.


His debut single ‘Sarkara’ is a slick, feel good, urban meets bhangra party banger featuring hit maker production by Dr. Zeus and is laced with an contagious rap flow by long standing Zeus collaborator Shortie. Check out the promo!


The Punjab born and raised singer songwriter has been immersed in a world where music, poetry and singing by Punjab’s most legendary artists have surrounded him since birth. The son of the illustrious, well-respected lyricist and musician Swarn Singh Sivia, Sukhi has been his father’s disciple from a very early age, soaking up experiences, relationships and learning from the best in the Internationally acclaimed Panjabi language artists.

Sukhi Sivia Press Shot 2

His father, who has penned numerous hits for Amar Singh Chamkila, Malkit Singh, Sardool Sikander and Kuldeep Manak, has penned this debut single ‘Sarkara’ especially for Sukhi. Having paid his dues, he is now following in the footsteps of his father and propelling his love to another level. Sukhi is being launched by Merci Records with support from multi award winning international producer, Dr. Zeus – Winner of last years’ Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2012 Best producer, Best album and Best Single as well as notching up awards from the UK AMA’s and PTC Panjabi Music Awards.

Dr Zeus describes Sivia and says

“Sukhi Sivia is the whole package. He is talented, humble, hard working, has a great ear for melody and lyrically can deliver. Not many artists can perfoem and deliver in crafting their own music and therefore their careers. I’m proud to introduce Sukhi Sivia, I know my fans and audiences will love the sound“

With the blessing and support of the biggest and most legendary names in the Panjabi industry, Sukhi Sivia is a promising artist who will surely make a mark.

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