Posted on September 4, 2013 at 3:32 am

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Mickey Singh and Waseem Stark want a "Bad Girl"

Mickey Singh is the latest singing sensation in the world of Indian pop, dance, and Punjabi bhangra music.  Mickey teamed up with music producer, Waseem Stark (formally known as DJ Flawless), to produce this hot new track that is sure to get you dancing!  Mickey Singh makes quite an impact with this first single and will leave you wanting more!  There is no doubt that his career will be one to watch!  As for Waseem, he proves again that he is one talented producer!

The video is directed by Irene Mahmud whose direction has given the video a fresh look that matches its equally fresh beat.  The video deservedly keeps the focus on Mickey Singh and Waseem.  This was a smart choice as the alternative would’ve been making a generic club video. That is, the video could easily have showcased a typical club vibe with bottles popping and girls dancing around.  However, the video focuses on simplicity, which works well.  Despite its simplicity, the video manages to leave a big impact.

I have this song on repeat and am sure you will too!  Oh, and best of all, the track is available free!  Even better is the fact that  Mickey Singh’s  entire album – aka his “Mick’sTape” – is available free on his website!  Download “Mick’sTape” for FREE at!  “Bad Girl” is the first single from his debut album.  The video is almost at 100,000 plays!  Pretty incredible growth for a debut track!

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