Posted on September 19, 2013 at 1:00 am

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Armaan Kohli is a Jolly good person like Salman Khan!

The title of the article looks confusing as is. But is it true? Bigg Boss house is famous for it’s controversial contestations and controversies in the house. Bollywood actor Armaan KohliArmaan Kohli enter the Bigg Boss house while spending his 1st day in the hell he was seen in very chill out mood and was seen interacting with every member of the house. He was seen in good manner and creating lot of humour and Fun time with his roommates. Armaan was known for his high temper in his film but in the house he has an excellent sense of humour and because of his pleasant personality the big boss contestants had not nominated him for elimination.

Armaan Kohli spokesperson Satish Reddy said,

“Armaan is very good Human being and the Audience will get attached to him very easily.”

Bigg Boss 7 house is a blend of the iniquity of hell and serenity of heaven. The space of heaven is flowery with all the comfort and beauty while the hell consists of all sorts of discomfort and dirty. The contestants have to sleep on the floor. The question now is will he be able to win the game of patience?

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