Posted on September 27, 2013 at 3:10 am

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6 Things to know about a Raw Foodist

Some of you may just tag them as extreme, hippie or boring… but, there is more to these health freaks and a lot more characteristics that describe them!



1. Self- Control: People who generally are on this lifestyle, like to practice self- control. They get immense pleasure by saying NO to things and staying rigid in what they believe. Who said having self- control is a bad thing? It’s an art.

2. Physically active: If you are conscious about what goes in your body, then you also know what the body needs to regenerate new cells. Yes- being physically active! They are definitely into yoga, breathing exercises and another steno us physical activities like Triathalon and more.

3. Awareness: Being on this diet, makes them very sensitive/aware to sound, smell and energy. By eliminating a lot of cooked food, (which includes oil, cheese, spices, sauces), their bodies get acclimated to a clean simple diet. So, they can smell even a tiny amount of sauce or fries anywhere. Your body reaches a sense of stability ( Ph levels, alkaline levels) in this lifestyle.  Hence, some people may get more sensitive to loud volumes and even to the breathing of other people during this. Overall, one becomes very aware of their mind, body, and surroundings.

4. Eco-Friendly: This goes without saying. People who are raw vegan, obviously care about living things and are mostly eco-friendly. They are into organic cotton clothing, hybrid cars, shower filters, composting wasted fruits and vegetables, no plastic bags, no synthetic and the list goes on. Of course – there are people who are not raw, who are eco-friendly as well.

5. Knowledgeable: They believe in the concept of living cells, life source, and energy received from plants and fruits. To be able to prepare raw food dishes one has to be well-read about nutrition, food combination, acidity, sub-acidity levels, the right time to pick and purchase produce, fat content and more. Hence, they are extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and sometimes even Food science

6. Strong will power: It is not easy to follow this lifestyle. In fact it’s not easy when one is exposed to the constant social judgement. However, a raw foodist is clear-minded and knows what he/she is doing is absolutely right in all ways. Nothing can change them and nothing will.

Being a raw foodist is a form of  pure dedication and gratitude. It takes a few seconds to take the wrong path. But it takes immense amount of will and passion to be on the right path.


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