Posted on August 18, 2013 at 5:52 pm

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Veena Malik Lets Finnish Artist Use Her Body as a Canvas to Create Art!

History was created yesterday as Bollywood actress Veena Malik and artist Vesa Kivinen showcased three of their six artworks in London. This unique collaboration shows the Bollywood actress painted by Vesa Kivinen in six different paintings which all display an emotion of Veena’s life. Each painting is named with a theme from fortress to flower of life.

veena malik

“I am super excited for the launch, this is an artist’s vision of my life and my emotions. I love all 6 of the art works they are beautiful and Vesa has worked very hard in this project to get it all perfect,” said Veena Malik

Vesa used Veena Malik’s body as a canvas to create different color and emotions fusing it with photography and art. The artworks will be available for sale and Vesa Kivinen is also set to change the pricing strategies for art by doubling the price for each art work. Two pieces have already been sold in the UK and Finland!

“I’m very happy and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to present the art we did together with Veena finally. There are no wrong or right ways to interpret what they are. It feels like the project is a success and that the works have meaning much beyond what we are capable of understanding right now. It’s about much more than me and her so it’s exciting to now start traveling with the works and see how people around the world will receive them,” said the artist, Vesa Kivinen.

Veena Malik who is never shy to bare is excited for the response from her fans,

“I hope my fans will appreciate the art and understand what Vesa’s vision was for this project”

What do you think of these paintings? Has Veena Malik proved a worthy muse? Let us know!

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