Posted on August 3, 2013 at 5:49 am

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Dia Mirza lends her support to ‘Leave Me Alone’- Save the Tigers

Dia Mirza is known to be socially active and supports many causes which are close to her heart. Over the years, the national animal has been on a rapid decline and if necessary steps aren’t taken to conserve them, they will soon be extinct.The talented actor has come on board and is now supporting the ‘Leave Me Alone’ campaign which aims at Saving the Tigers. Dia’s partner at Born Free Entertainment, Sahil Sangha, is also supporting the cause.

The actor has lent support to various causes in the past and strongly believes in preserving the tigers. Talking about her association, Dia exclaims,

“I am glad that I am a part of this initiative and that we are bringing up this issue as a national concern.”

The actor is an environment friendly person and takes care that she does her bit to protect our ecosystem.  Not only is Dia supporting the cause, but also has been promoting the campaign on her social platforms. She has also been talking to people about the same and asking them to do their bit. Dia’s support will help in garnering more numbers for the cause.

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Mumbai July 26 :- Bollywood actress, model and producer Dia Mirza at the launch of LEAVE ME ALONE campaign, at the Mumbai Press Club.The campaign?s name ? LEAVE ME ALONE ? arises from the scientific reality  that if the tiger is provided with sufficient space, isolation from human activity,  and protection from poaching and habitat destruction, it will thrive. The campaign asks for people across India and the world to amplify the tiger?s request to ?Leave Me Alone.?( pic by Ravindra Zende )

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