Posted on July 7, 2013 at 11:44 pm

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Rajeev Khinchi turns Superman and rescues Anjana Sukhani

It’s every model’s nightmare – walking down the ramp, when all of a sudden, you trip and fall!  Thanks to fashion and dance choreographer, Rajeev Khinchi, one female model in Dubai Fashion Week 2013 got saved from such an embarrassment!


Model Anjana Sukhani was walking the ramp in Dubai Fashion Week 2013 and almost fell when her sandals got stuck!  She was about to fall when, thankfully, Rajeev Khinchi swooped in and came to her rescue to give her a helping hand!

Rajeev Khinchi is a performer and choreographer.  He has assisted Farah Khan for 17 years.  He was the fashion choreographer at the Dubai Fashion Week this year.  Most recently he won the title of the ‘Best Choreographer’ by FAQ polls 2012.  Personally, I think he also deserves an award for best act of chivalry on the ramp 2013!  What do you all think?

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