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Q & A with Ramaiya Vastavaiya’s Girish Kumar

Every year in Bollywood, the audience is sure to encounter some new debuts, especially from star sons!  This year sees the debut of actor Girish Kumar, son of producer Kumar Taurani, who will make his feature film debut in the extravagant new Bollywood musical romance “Ramaiya Vastavaiya“.  The film is produced by Kumar’s own father, Taurani, and is produced by the legendary actor/dancer Prabhudeva.  The soundtrack has already gained popularity with audiences, and it seems like the movie may receive as much praise!  The film releases this Friday, July 19th.  Read below for this exclusive new interview with Girish Kumar, where he speaks to us regarding his first foray into the summer heat of the movie business!

image005Q: Ramaiya Vastavaiya is your debut, what are your expectations from it?

Well I hope everyone would love to watch Ramaiya Vastavaiya, as it is a complete family movie. We have put in tremendous effort into the project. We hope the audience will like it.

Q: You did your action sequence yourself in Ramaiya Vastavaiya like Akshay does in his movies, so are you ready to become next ‘Khiladi Kumar’ of Bollywood?

Well, he is a veteran actor, I cannot compare myself to him. If I will get a chance to hang out with him, then maybe I will become like him.

Q: How is it working with Prabhudheva, our very own dancing legend and now ace director with hits after hits?

It was a pleasure and I couldn’t have asked for a better launch. He has been a great mentor and I had a memorable experience.

Q: You are the son of producer Kumar Taurani. Did your father’s name help you in your career or did you struggle to bag the chance on your own?

Just because I am producer Kumar Taurani’s son that doesn’t mean I did not struggle. I had my own share of struggle but not like other newcomers. Yes, I had opportunity but it was all about achieving the goal as I did. Only after taking my audition, Prabhu Sir displayed his contentment and said to my father that we will be working together. I am happy that I am debuting with Prabhudeva’s film.

image002Q: Being the son of a producer and someone well established in the industry, what was any criticism like and how did you get past it?

Well I have been fortunate that Prabhudheva and Kumar Taurani, my father, had so much faith in me to give me an opportunity. And all the feedback has been positive for which I am grateful.

Q: Describe some of the initial struggles you had in the industry.

Well despite having an opportunity I had to earn my salt. Only after convincing Prabhudheva and my father through a screen test I was given a nod. And it was always a tough task to perform up to Prabhudheva’s expectation for which I had to do dance classes, learn surfing and get in good shape.

Q: Hip Hop Pammi looks great in Ramaiya Vastavaiya, What is the best thing you like about the song and its dance?

Thanks. I think the energy and cuteness between me and Shruti is really appealing.

Q: How is working opposite Kamal Hassan’s daughter – Shruti Hassan?

As we all know Shruti Hassan’s father is a star, but she is so grounded. She is very professional. I was so comfortable working with her that I didn’t even realize when the shoot was over! I think the energy and cuteness between me and Shruti is really appealing. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and she has done a fantastic job. She was thoroughly professional and multi-talented.

image003Q: Any memories surrounding the dance track in the film?

Well I remember I had 2 days of rehearsals and I was in the dance hall all day for 2 days. 20 hrs of rehearsals in 48hrs!

Q: Prabhudeva is a dancing icon, how difficult was it for you to groove with him on ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi De De Tu Abhi’?

Prabhu Sir is a good human being and of course a great dancer. He made me work so patiently. I had lots of fun while working with him. He was so co-operative that I did not feel like a newcomer.

If you were not an actor, what would you have wanted to be?

I always wanted to be an actor since childhood. I never thought of anything else beyond acting.

You are already a heartthrob with the females. How does that feel?

I am very happy and honored. I hope I live up to their expectations.

Q: Any unknown fact you would like to share with us about your upcoming flick?

We had fun at the shoot. We drove a bullock cart. I even squeezed milk from a cow! I was scared of getting kicked. I asked Sir [Prabhudeva] not to stop rolling the camera in order to capture the correct shot at any moment. After all this I am happy that I did something very strange.


What do you all think?  Will it be a hit or flop?  Is Girish Kumar the next big thing?

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