Posted on July 4, 2013 at 11:48 pm

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Pooja Chopra’s love for Animals!

pooja2 71528 copyThe newbie cute and beautiful Pooja Chopra has shown her action in Commando. But what is shocking is the Femina Miss India was called a Tom Boy by her friends and teachers. Weren’t we all a tom boy at once in our life?

We all have a little memories from our childhood. Pooja too shares a naughty incident of her as a kid. On her way back from school she used to feed rotis from her tiffin to the street dogs. She skipped her lunch break and saved the rotis for her dog friends. One day her mother was getting back with her from the road when the dogs came to her wagging their tails. He mother asked her about them and she then confessed to her about she feeding them everyday.Her mother got furious but was then realised her love and care for animals.

Pooja says she would love to pet a dog if she ever gets a chance. If you are a girl, were you a Tom Boy when you were little?

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