Posted on June 21, 2013 at 9:51 pm

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Will Rejoice With an Upbeat End

As the gorgeous season of Spring comes to an end, so does UK’s Cloud 9 season. Zing’s Cloud 9 has shown never- before-seen Brit Asian, English,and desi-from-the-heart characters that portray multi-cultural British lifestyles and pop out in their own way.


In this season, one can see that Ajay, one of the main characters in Cloud 9, has developed his personality and values, realizing what he is worth through experiences with other characters in Cloud 9. One such character that he has come quite close to is Simran. Will Simran be with Ajay or Raj? Viewers and fans all over await to find out the answer to this question anxiously. As this season comes to a finale, Nisha will make some very important decisions regarding the retur of her ex-husband, Sanjay, as he tries to come back into the lives of her family. Will his mistakesnbe forgiven or will she take a stance?

Archana Kanade, Business Head – Free-To-Air Channels,

“It has been exciting working on such a dynamic and path-setting show. Every single member of the cast and crew has been an immense pleasure to work with. Cloud 9 has set a record for the Brit-Asian spirit. We wanted to reach a particular type of audience with this show and it has achieved this from its on-air activities to its marketing and even online conversations on social media. The show is tailored to the market norm of its audience, with a compact series, rather than the common format of a long-form South-Asian drama. Zing aims to be a truly courageous and innovative Brit-Asian brand and it’s great to see the audience be receptive to this. Zing will continue to build on this and experiment with new Brit-Asian targeted shows.”


Valmike Rampersad, Lead Actor in Cloud 9-Ajay,

“Working on  has been a very rewarding experience. The opportunity of an intense schedule and fast pace has been an excellent learning curve, as most of my work has been on feature films and short films in the mainstream space, where the pace is often slower. I have developed some excellent friendships with a really talented cast and crew and we have all pulled together to make the show something to be proud of.”

Keep it locked on Urban Asian to find out more news on Cloud 9! Here’s to hoping the next season is just as juicy!

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