Posted on May 24, 2013 at 2:14 am

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Rishi tells you Aaja Ve Mahi!

Time to reload the iPod if you are looking for some more bhangra flavor. “Aaja Ve Mahi” is a fresh new sound from Rishi. After promising to keep us on our feet after the release of his first track ‘Do It Tonight’ which got to number 4 on the World iTunes chart and number 10 on the Asian download chart, Rishi certainly has kept that promise!

Writing from his own real life experience, Rishi put pen to paper once again, the result was his new single “Aaja Ve Mahi”. With the vocals sung by Rishi himself; and the girl’s perspective sung by the talented Rakhee, this track is a twist on Bollywood with an underlying urban element. A mix that plays like sweet music to the ears!

“Aaja Ve Mahi” sees Rishi teaming up once again with the musical legend Kam Frantic. Frantic adds his own magical touch to the track by perfectly blending Bollywood melodies with an up-tempo club beat. The video which was filmed in Birmingham sees Rishi trying to find love in an unconventional place with someone that you would not expect. With an amazing setting, the video depicts beautifully the meaning of the words “Aaje Ve Mahi”.

At the tender age of just 21 Rishi has already taken his music into two different directions and is still going to keep us guessing about what is to come next. With another single ready, all he has to say on this matter is,

“I don’t want to say too much about the track but it will again hopefully be something to surprise a lot of people.” And I’m sure this is a surprise we are already all looking forward to!”


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