Posted on May 2, 2013 at 5:05 am

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Amplifier is back to Satisfy-again

Four years ago, Imran Khan took the world by storm with his super duper hit album, Unforgettable, after which he gained much publicity and fame. The young rock star’s jams were played at every event, party, drive to work, or even while working out. It was an infestation and a very contagious one too! But for four years after that, we the world, have anxiously waited to hear more from Mr. Khan.

Finally, now he is back after 4 long years with what seems to be another ground shaking hit. This one is called, Satisfya. If you have already seen the preview it only gives away enough to boggle your brains with curiosity. With just a very mysterious 25 seconds revealed, many fans are wondering what more is under way. Are Imran Khan and producer Eren E going to rule the world yet again this summer?! Well, we’ve definitely waited long enough to find out.

Satisfya Imran Khan

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