Posted on April 18, 2013 at 11:09 pm

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Who's Taaha Shah?

Cutie Taaha Shah stars in Karan Johar’s Gippi as Gippi’s crush but what do we really know about this newbie? He was discovered by YRF and debuted in the teen flick, Luv Ka The End. To get to know Taaha Shah a bit more, we’ve got some little known facts about this rising star!

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1. When Taaha is not shooting we can find him engaged in one of his extra curriculum activities. He spends his time reading books’ subject ranging from Body Language to The Anatomy of the Body to Self Development and many more but one things he hates is when people damage the pages of his books!

2. Taaha feels investing time in personal growth, mind, body and soul, is by far the most important to-do in life. His adventurous nature drives him to mix work, study and enjoyment all in one. So displays the diploma in Paragliding hanging on his walls and feels scuba diving is his next mission!

3. As of now, Taaha is working on getting himself a diploma in a personal image consulting course.

4. Taaha’s favorite hangouts would be either the gym, the dance classes, the park behind his apartment where he practices martial arts or trains in weapon fighting or acrobatics the list is endless!

5. Taaha isn’t much of a foodie and is always on his set regimental diet as far as he doesn’t even keep butter or sugar at home. His exception is only when his mother cooks for him on her visits and his sweet tooth would only be for ketchup, Heinz to be precise. Taaha believes his time and body are his only assets and so he has to invest them appropriately and accurately.

6. Taaha has a soft corner for children especially babies he claims its cause they don’t talk.

7. Animals are his next adoration. His mother, back in Sharjah, has 19 stray cats as pets. Well, now we know where he got the animal attachment from.

Taaha Shah is definitely a star to look out for, keep it locked on Urban Asian to find out more about Taaha Shah and his latest flick, Gippi!