Posted on April 24, 2013 at 4:08 am

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The Bilz and Kashif release "My Ride!"

The Bilz and Kashif’s new album, The Trinity, is finally here! The talented trio have been giving their audience a sneak peak of the new album through a series of studio sessions in preparation for the third studio album release. With all this “hungama” The Bilz and Kashif did not want the fans to wait much longer so they launched the album and new official video of ‘My Ride’ all in one day!


The Bilz and Kashif’s explain,

“The fans were just too eager to have the final album in their hands that we decided as a bonus, we’d also slap them with a brand new video. The single, “My Ride,” is about how intense a women’s persona and beauty can be. Her shape, her demeanor all alluring to an exotic car that you just want to ride. We felt it was the perfect summer anthem for everyone to get ready for The Trinity.”


“My Ride” acts as the fourth single off the album and third music video. Having already presented us with a club nightscape and a moving story line the guys switch it up for “My Ride” with a clean set, slick car, and their personalities and swag take the spotlight! Be sure to grab this new album off of iTunes today whether you’re in Canada, USA, UK or India click for the link to iTunes!


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