Posted on April 7, 2013 at 6:17 pm

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Exclusive Interview – Dj Sanj – Live at Basement Bhangra, NYC!

After performing all over the world and making Punjabis and non-Punjabis alike head-bop and dance to his beats, DJ Sanj has made himself a household brand in this industry. His career has paved from DJ gigs in his hometown of Toronto, Canada to being featured in Bollywood films such as Love Aaj Kal and credited to launch careers of many successful artists in the Punjabi music industry today.


Sanjiv, more commonly known by his stage name as J-Nas or DJ Sanj has had quite of a struggle in his early days and has overcome it with sheer dedication and passion to be where he stands today. No matter which persona he portrays, either as the mainstream R&B and Hip-Hop producer (J-Nas) or the ‘Bad Boy’ of the Desi Bhangra scene (DJ Sanj); he does it with conviction and confidence. Sanj has been working diligently since the grassroots of this industry. He initially started from the days of the underground scene as Dj-ing at nightclubs in North America fusing the best of both worlds – Hip Hop and Bhangra. Attaining focus and awareness in this part of the world, he packed his bags and moved to where the Asian music scene was more vibrant and prevalent – the United Kingdom. In a way, after putting the same amount of work and passion, he kick-started his career again and gained an enormous amount of respect. Sanj is now signed to UK’s largest Bhangra music label – MovieBox Records, which he proudly calls the “Dabba,” along with Eros Entertainment and Universal from India.


With the launch of DJ Sanj Productions, he has provided with the launchpad of up and coming artists worldwide and has promised personally to assist dedicated and passionate individuals to make it big in the industry. We know he is not playing, as DSP’s find, Jay Status has gained massive popularity along with bragging rights as Newcomer of the Year award at last year’s BritAsia Awards! Many people also do not now but his brother, Lil’ Sach has become a professional body builder and through their combined health initiative entitled Janwar Fitness, motivate the rest of us including Sanj to keep fit and maintain the brolic-ness that we see in his latest music videos! DJ Sanj’s latest studio release, Bad Boyz is out now and features numerous collaborations and is definitely a must check out!


                                    Singer Jay Status & Dj Sanj (Courtesy: MovieBox Records)

Sanj speaks with UrbanAsian host, Monty Lokesh Kataria (@montyislive) regarding his life, fitness and encourages up and coming talent before performing to a sold out audience at Dj Rekha’s monthly Basement Bhangra in downtown New York City earlier this year!

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