Posted on April 13, 2013 at 2:23 am

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Balle Balle with DJ Rags and Fatman Scoop!

What does Balle Balle mean? You are about to find out the true meaning with the brand new track from the internationally acclaimed DJ that is DJ Rags. He is back with this amazing dance track with none other than Fatman Scoop. This is a world first as Scoop hypes in Punjabi, the first time a commercial artist has ever done this!
Hailing from Slough, DJ Rags is no stranger to the music world with the Number 1 album Reloaded, three top ten singles and 7 number 1 singles. Balle Balle will be the latest addition to join these smash hits. He began to learn the art of ‘turntablism’ at the age of 13 and became one of the hottest Bhangra and Commercial DJs in West London at the age of 18.


With his unique Indian sound that appeals to everyone, he has created a world’s first by searching high and low for the best mainstream artist to hype in Punjabi on this track. Fatman Scoop instantly fell in love with the track and having toured around India he knew the only way he could do it justice was by hyping in Punjabi. With a fundamentally Indian sound, Balle Balle is the first offering from DJ Rags which sees him working with international superstars to redefine what Bhangra music is and take over the mainstream charts!

Balle Balle is out 22nd April with the desi mix being released into the Asian Chart and the original version being released into the mainstream chart. With two releases on the same day; you surely are spoilt for choice! Also, watch out for another big collaboration with another huge mainstream artist coming this summer!

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