Posted on March 12, 2013 at 8:33 am

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“My Ride” with The Bilz and Kashif

The Bilz and Kashif will soon release their third album The Trinity. While the group finalizes album details, they continue to take us through the creative process with a series of studio sessions; episode 2 introduces us to “My Ride.”  The episode made its debut on AVS (Asian Variety Show) and hit the web within 24 hours due to public demand.

In this studio session, The Bilz and Kashif are joined by lyricist Kuldeep “MixSingh,” who has worked with the group on their songs “Against All Odds” and “On The Dancefloor,” to name a few. Collaborating once again, the guys are caught talking in the studio predicting “My Ride” as a “smash hit.” Then conversation shifts to how important the fans are to The Bilz and Kashif’s musical success and the fans continue to prove their dedication to the movement.


Confident in the music they make, The Bilz and Kashif tell us:

’My Ride’ is going to be that club anthem everyone knows us for. We plan on shooting the video for this single this month, and we’re totally excited about the release. When we did this track in the studio, the vibe was just a natural high something the fans will be blasting in their ride.

Seems like The Trinity will be quite an interesting album for Spring 2013.  Keep posted to Urban Asian for the latest on this album!

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