Posted on March 29, 2013 at 4:08 am

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Jaz Dhami is back! 'Meh Punjabi Boli Ah' – Teaser

After tearing charts worldwide and gaining global recognition with “High Heels” – Punjabi heartthrob Jaz Dhami is back at it again! With his latest single he returns to his folk roots and is as excited as his fans are! “Meh Punjabi Boli Ah” will be a relatable track to all Punjabis and alike all over! Dhami is set to release this track on the celebratory occasion of Vaisakhi – April 13th 2013. Do you think he can regain his HighHeelsHype with this single? We certainly hope so but only time will tell; till then enjoy the officially released teaser.

jaz dhami



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