Posted on March 21, 2013 at 1:34 am

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Go Crazy with PBN Tees!

To mark the success of the ‘Hitmakers’ smash hit, Go Crazy, PBN has released a line of T-Shirts, that are available to order now!

pbn tee

Go Crazy has topped the official BBC Asian Download Chart for several weeks as well various independent charts internationally. The Go Crazy T-shirts are a quirky take on the infamous ‘Keep Calm’ slogan. The T-shirt available in fire red has been created by North America’s leading fashion designer Hun Dus Clothing.

PBN said,

“It’s a pleasure to be working alongside Hun Dus Clothing once again. Previously we worked on Fitteh Moo Tees, which were a great success. I hope you guys enjoy rocking the new design”

The Tee’s are available from, check them out today!

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