Posted on March 4, 2013 at 2:14 am

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Akhil Sesh Presents World Premiere Music Video ‘Loud Pack’

With the rise of Detroit-bred artists making their mark on the music industry, it was without a doubt that artist, songwriter and producer Akhil Sesh would get his piece of the pie. Being compared to Kanye West, you’d think that an artist would feel a sense of entitlement to live up to those expectations placed upon them, however, Akhil is taking his 808 bangers and creating a lane of his own.



With a new album on the horizon, a clothing line under his belt, and years of production on his resume, Akhil is a pure musical genius. His music reflects his diverse background and upbringing and showcases his incredible skills. He has been singing and playing piano since the age of 5, which culminated into the creation of SeshedUp Records in 2012.

With his highly anticipated and explosive debut project, “SeshedUp”, available now on iTunes, Akhil Sesh is proud to present 17 original tracks completely self-written and self-produced.

The single “Loud Pack” off of the Album has been making a huge impact among DJs and fans alike. It reflects Sesh’s natural ability and talent as an independent artist and entrepreneur. Produced and directed by the acclaimed Sir Fawn at Fawn Creative the video exudes a highly sought-after lifestyle of fortune, luxury and love. Sesh, who is sponsored by REVIVE, a premier clothing boutique headed by Aaron Cohen highlights the brand’s trendy threads throughout the video.

“Loud Pack” has gotten National Radio Airplay on Westside Radio 89.6FM in the United Kingdom to over 1 million Live Listeners!

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