Posted on February 13, 2013 at 2:14 am

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Kaly says “She Loves Me…”

Kaly delves into unknown territory with the release of his most personal EP yet, “She Loves Me.” Released just in time for Valentine’s Day on Kaly’s website.

 She Loves Me CD (Front)

Clocking in at only four tracks, Kaly takes the listener on site a journey through territory most artists would never dare to. Over the course of the EP, the listener is let into Kaly’s mind as he meets the girl of his dreams, works up the courage to ask her out, and takes her out one Saturday night. Based on a real life experience with a very real girl, the EP starts with the jazzy and playful “She.”


She Loves Me CD (Back)

As Kaly describes the object of his desire, the listener is invited to think of their own loved one over the bouncing horns. Kaly then follows up with the date itself on “Loves,” in which the mysterious girl captures his heart. “Me” takes a step into Kaly’s mind on the day after the date, over an eerie instrumental. The final act in this real-­‐life drama, “Not,” describes what went wrong, which we won’t spoil here. Over a booming old-­‐school beat, Kaly lays this story to rest, and the listener will not be disappointed.


Heavily conceptual and quite emotional this sensitive side of Kaly is a welcome follow up to his previous EP’s “Rebel with a Cause” and “The Flight” which showed off a a tough and harsher edge. Not only is th is an amazing EP to listen to but a great way to hint to that special someone how you feel! Be sure to grab this EP now!

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