Posted on February 11, 2013 at 10:44 pm

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Fashion Meets Compassion: Zara Durrani Signs As Ambassador for Fashion HOPE

ALeduc-ZaraThe long-awaited selection of the international Spokes Model Ambassador for Fashion Hope has resulted with the choice of Pakistani born and Canada native Zara Durrani.

Fashion Hope is fashion with a cause.  Its goal is to build awareness and raise funds in the fashion industry, and then partner with Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that are doing the front-line work to rescue and rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking!

Fashion Hope’s vision, in conjunction with industry partners and such front-line organizations, is to bring awareness through the fashion media events and raise funds to rescue and house 100,000 or more in the next 10 years.

Fashion Hope founder Marc Palmer elaborates:

“There are an estimated 27 million to 40 million people enslaved and trafficked today – more than any other time in recorded history.  Fashion Hope was created to bridge human trafficking advocacy and restoration with the world of fashion and creative artists in an effort to raise awareness and funds in global communities.”

Durrani is known for her work with designers in fashion events and campaigns, and her breath-taking editorials and covers published by Vancouver Sun, Eastern Eye (UK), Asian City Newspaper (UK), Hello! Pakistan among many others.  In addition, she is well known in Canada for her spiritual and entertainment talk show Life & Style with Zara.  The show wrapped its first season with 13 episodes, airing on 4 networks across Canada. 2012 was a very exciting and busy year for Zara as she returned to her first love; acting. She finished 3 feature films in 3 different countries, Canada, US and Mexico.


Marc Palmer CEO and Kathleen Grace Donnelly VP of Marketing and Sponsorship, Fashion HOPE are excited to have Durrani join their team:

“Our goal is to enrich the lives of our viewers and promote diversity and understanding.  So, we are indeed excited to have her [Zara Durrani] as a spokesperson for our organization on a worldwide level.  To us, Zara will be triple threat with her grace, beauty and humanitarian compassion – along with the tenacity to speak her passion. She will speak for Fashion Hope touching places only her voice could reach. We are truly grateful for this period in the early growth of our organization, and look forward to working with Zara on awareness campaigns starting this February with the Nolcha Fashion Week and Oscars Gifting Suites events.”

As an activist, Zara has voiced her opinions on women’s and children’s rights and eating disorders. She also worked as the official reporter for We Canada, the Canadian Initiative for Earth Summit 2012.

aleduc-zara print-3Durrani too says she is proud to join this new cause:

“As an entertainer and artist, I have aspired to make a positive impact on the world around me. I am truly excited and honored to work with Fashion Hope and help raise awareness on such an important matter.”

Signing Zara Durrani as an Ambassador to speak out about Human Trafficking is an important step and a natural fit for Fashion Hope, given her dedication to humanitarian work.  As Fashion Hope tell us:

“We have to wake our fashion community up, make them aware of the greatest human rights atrocity of our time…and we have to call them to action now.”


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