Posted on February 25, 2013 at 12:07 am

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Daler Mehndi’s “Mission Love” Creating a Buzz

What has Daler Mehndi been up to these days? Well quite a lot! This popular singer who has delivered super-hit bhangra pop songs has been working on a new soundtrack called “DM Mission Love.” His intentions are to spread love and make the world a better place.


Daler Mehndi


This soundtrack is playing around the world and has become a rage. How did Daler Mehndi promote this new soundtrack? Digitally! He used Youtube as a way to release this track. Not only has the Youtube page been viewed by over 75,000 people, but the facebook fan page of “DM Mission Love” has reached over 135,000 in just a span of 10 days! Not only is this track a super hit digitally, but Mehndi has been performing it around India as well.

This astounding success has amazed Daler Mehndi. He said,

“I am amazed at he way Mission Love has been liked by everybody. I received great response from the audiences during my live performances at Morbi in Gujurat and Patiala in Punjab recently. The track can be enjoyed in a party space and even at a religious gathering. Music with focus on healing, compassion, and peace has never been more timely or more relevant! Mission Love is all about love, all about observing love in everything, loving your parents, loving all form of existence, loving all religions and considering them as one, about loving everybody in happy times and loving everybody with the same ease during sorrows! At the end life is all about consistent capacity to Love! So chant love you love love you in every moment of your life. Love this creation of divine in every form and stay blessed.”

Very well said Daler Mehndi! Be sure to check out his new track and spread the love.

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