Posted on January 10, 2013 at 8:46 pm

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Exclusive Interview: Kamal Raja

Pakistani by descent, Dutch by birth and based in the UK, singer and performer Kamal Raja has both girls and guys all over the world going UFF over him! From his first single ‘No Clue’ which is somewhat of a slow jam based on a break up story – he has released many singles which are both upbeat and extremely catchy. Impressive beats, head-bopping Punjabi/ English lyrics and chic-urban videos; Raja has everything going for him.

Born and brought up in Amsterdam, Raja is the son of a Pakistani father and a Mongolian mother. He has been signed to Bollywood-Zone and is working hard and diligently towards new music. No Clue ft. Salah Edin was the first single that made waves both on the radio and on mainstream TV channels that provided him with future successes with big tracks such as Uff and L.A.M (with Dr. Zeus). Not many people know that Raja is actually in the midst of the completion of his second studio album and is promised to be bigger than all his previously released singles. All Kamal Raja fans have a lot to look out in the future for some more hit tracks!


Monty Lokesh Kataria, Kamal Raja and Nila Choudhry

He was recently in the US along with singer/manager brother Sahil, performing and meeting fans in New York City, New Jersey & Miami. UrbanAsian got a chance to sit down and chill with him. He spoke out more than just about his music. He tells UA about how his family teases him by calling him a ‘Shaitaan’, his tattoos, Mohawk and most importantly his SVAG!

Special Request from UrbanAsianKamal Raja has been supporting and promoting for the treatment of his 5 year old niece Aliza, who has been suffering from cancer. His humbleness as an artist and human has been proven by his individuality. In order to show support and know her story, please visit –

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