Posted on January 10, 2013 at 9:16 pm

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Preview: "Dancing Petals" by Naiem Reza

Inspired by the learning stones of his past, an 18 year old aspiring musician is finally ready to unveil  his gift to the world.  Naiem Reza (Sleepy Z) is a rising composer, DJ, poet, and producer, creating music influenced by South Asian sounds.  One song he’s been working on in particular is a unique piece called “Dancing Petals” – a story of heart break and the fragility of love.  What’s unique about “Dancing Petals” is that it is a hybrid song, which you will learn more about below.


Naiem elaborated on the piece and the dancing petals metaphor he chose to use,

“You take a flower, and you contrast that to a powerful word many ponder about – love. The flower starts off as a seed and eventually grows into something beautiful. But as we all know, flowers don’t live forever. The flower dies, the petals fall off, and you’re left but nothing but that beautiful memory. Compare that a relationship with something you love – A person, a passion, onwards. That connection builds to something beautiful, and slowly dies out due to events only controlled by the universe. All you have left are the petals. If you notice when petals dry out, they still have some color in them. I noticed that as a child, my mom used to use dried petals as bookmarks for her novels. That color is the emotion that’s left behind, that “if”. Those petals are the memories which can often lead to various forms of questioning.  I wanted to take this whole concept, and create a sound with it- a piece. And that’s where Dancing Petals comes to play.”


If you are still not convinced that this is going to be an amazing piece, you’ll change your mind when you hear the names of all the artists who also worked on the piece.  Naiem gathered highly respected international artists for this piece including:

  • Abhay Jodhpurkar – from AR Rahman’s most recent soundtrack from the movie Kadal, sung in the song Moongil Thottam, based in India.
  • Shweta Subram – has sung in the movie Aazaan with Salim Sulaiman, based in Canada.
  • Raxstar – a very well known poetic emcee from UK.
  • And to top it off, an outro piano solo from USA’s Raashi Kulkarni.

Highly anticipated, many are looking forward to such a different and powerful piece featuring such unique artists.  The fact that Naiem Reza is so young – only age 18 – suggests that this is only the beginning of a very strong musical journey for him.  His talent will only ‘flower’ (couldn’t resist the reference!) more over time!  Stay tuned to Urban Asian as we bring you all the details on this rising artist and this very unique piece.

Follow Naiem @NaiemReza to stay updated with his music and check his new facebook page to stay updated for his single.

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