Posted on December 19, 2012 at 1:01 am

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The Return of King Khan!

The many fans who watch boxing know that Amir “King” Khan has to be the the most talked about boxer after Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. With lightning hand speed and on point accuracy, Khan has proved that he can be the best pound for pound boxer. Khan’s record is an amazing 27 wins, 19 knockouts and 3 losses. The first loss Khan had was his fight against Breidis Prescott in the first round. The second loss came when Khan fought Lamont Peterson in which Khan lost points for pushing. The third loss was recent when Amir Khan fought Danny Garcia.  Amir came out strong in the first 3 rounds but a lack of defense made Khan pay the price when Garcia caught Khan with a left hook knocking him down.  

Amir Khan made his great return on Saturday when he fought against Carlos Molina. Many fans and speculators were worried about Khan’s defense and fighting style with new trainer Virgil Hunter. Khan had much to prove and to redeem. As his career was on the line, Khan made sure he showed the fans he had hunger to continue boxing.

The fight lasted 10 rounds and was called to a stop by the referee due to the worsening injury on Molina’s face. Amir showcased his very quick hands and accuracy to the millions watching around the world. With a great win to add to his career, Khan closes this year off happy. 2013 will show what Khan is really made of after his redemption with his new trainer.

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