Posted on December 20, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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"Friendly Confines" Premieres December 18, 2012!

Earlier this year in April, we informed you of an upcoming comedy show called “Friendly Confines” that was to premiere on YouTube.  Now, we’re happy to announce that the show has officially launched Dec 18th, 2012!   The comedy web series features three funny ladies: Puja Mohindra (CSI: Miami, Ghost Whisperer), Jamila Webb (Nurse Jackie, The Office), and Meagan Prahl (Random Creepy Guy, It’s Not You, It’s Me), and centers around the craziness of their lives… all with a comedic twist!

3 Brown Girls.  2 Bedrooms.  1 Comedy.

Friendly Confines” is a mockumentary-style comedy about three close friends living together in Los Angeles, while going through the ups and downs of their professional and personal lives.  This is where the comedy ensues.

  • Puj is the world’s smartest airhead recovering from a traumatic breakup
  • Jam is an unemployed but crafty writer who’s happily single
  • Mo is an uptight attorney waiting for her man to put a ring on it.

The three find themselves in the confined and precarious circumstances of living together in a two-bedroom apartment. These three personalities clash, while sharing a confined space, but their friendship always prevails.  It’s a female “Three’s Company” meets “Arrested Development.”

Mohindra, Webb, and Prahl, are three All-American girls.   They just happen to be Indian-American, African-American, and Halfrican-American. They didn’t see their stories being told on their TV screens, so they decided to tell it themselves by way of the web.  It’s an interesting concept that will hopefully be successful.

Mohindra explains what inspired this show:

“I would go in on auditions and read for submissive, shy Indian brides or nerdy tech girls. I wanted to create something that was more true to life, more human — a girl who is feisty and fun, heartbroken over her breakup, quotes Oprah, and stays loyal and committed to her girlfriends. She’s going through what every girl goes through; she just happens to be Indian-American.”

Webb elaborated further as to how the three joined forces:

“The idea to write and produce our own work was sparked by a trip to Sundance.  We saw a lot of great films, and met filmmakers who did it themselves.  I wanted to show what I could do, and it wasn’t being a basketball wife or an obese sassy sidekick. There’s nothing wrong with either character, but can we have more options, please?”

Prahl clarified even further:

“When I got to Los Angeles, I knew I wanted to create my own work. There just wasn’t anyone out there telling mixed kids’ stories, creating characters that look like me. This project became an opportunity for all three of us to have a part to sink our teeth into, an ensemble piece where we can all really shine.”

Looks like these three women know exactly what they want!  They are determined to have their unique takes on life shown and their voices heard.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start watching the episodes!

Episode #1

Episode #2

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