Posted on December 28, 2012 at 11:07 pm

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Delhi Gang Rape Victim Passes Away




These are the three emotions I’m sure you’ll all feel upon hearing that the 23-year old victim of the Delhi Gang Rape has lost her life.

The poor girl had been raped by 6 men on a bus while returning home at night with a male friend after catching a movie.  Police stated that she had been raped for 1 hour with each man raping her 2x.   Both she and her friend were beaten badly with an iron rod and then thrown out of the bus!

She fought courageously and wished to live.  So, she was transported to Singapore where specialists did their best to revive her.  However, the trauma to her brain and body was too much.

Delhi Gang Rape Victim Passes Away
Delhi Gang Rape Victim Passes Away

The hospital released a statement saying the following:

“The patient had remained in an extremely critical condition since admission to Mount Elizabeth Hospital,” a statement from hospital chief executive Kelvin Loh said.  “She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain. She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome.  We are humbled by the privilege of being tasked to care for her in her final struggle.”

“We are very sad to report that the patient passed away peacefully at 4.45 AM on 29 Dec 2012 (Singapore time). Her family and officials from the High Commission of India were by her side. The Mount Elizabeth Hospital team of doctors, nurses and staff join her family in mourning her loss.”

While the poor girl lost her life, the fight against rape and women’s rights in India is nowhere close to being over.  In fact, women and men alike have been protesting the lackadaisical attitude with which the Indian government has treated rape and women’s rights.  Protesters are demanding justice and want the rapists caught and hanged!  This gang-rape case has received global coverage and the pressure on India to reform its laws and take action has intensified.

Personally, I am truly disgusted by this incident.  As a law student, an Indian, and most importantly, as a female, I hope India takes affirmative action to reduce and ultimately eliminate the cases of rape.  This means that change must occur from a microscopic level – internally in departments – to a wider macroscopic change – a stronger national law increasing the punishment to rapists.

I hope in this case, they charge her rapists with murder in addition to rape!  Such an incident should never be repeated and is beyond tragic.  Truly hoping this sad incident serves as a turning point in India.  India needs to work harder to remove all the corrupt officials in gov’t and in the police force and elect those who take women’s rights and issues more seriously.  For example, only a few days after this case, a girl had gone to report a rape to the police and the police officer raped her too!  Completely disgusting!

India better take positive action and actually implement means to reduce the rate of rape!  No girl should have to go through such a horrific ordeal, regardless of whether there is one rapist or several.  The world is watching you India.  Take action now.

Thoughts and prayers with the victim’s family.

Hoping that angels embrace you “Damini”/”Amanat” in heaven!


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