Posted on December 14, 2012 at 1:02 am

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Deedar-E-Sai with Daler Mehndi

Delhi is all set to celebrate and rejoice with Rahe Darvesh Daler Mehndi in an evening of music and devotion as he performs at the biggest Sai event ‘Deedar-e-Sai’ on 16th of December. Daler Mehndi’s MAULA SAI shall be showcased live at Deedar-e-Sai. The venue for Deedar-e-Sai is Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Park, Kirti Nagar and Mehndi’s performance will start at 7 PM.

Daler Mehndi, who started on a new journey with ‘Soul to Supreme’ in 2012, and dedicated the whole year to Sufi music, has recently released two albums – a devotional Bhajan album ‘Maula Sai’ and another Sufi release ‘Sai Da Malang’. When we asked about performing at a Sai event, Mehndi quoted:

“India is a land of peers, saints, gurus, of many religious beliefs, varied languages and cultures but we must realize that all gurus teach the same universal message of love and righteousness. In addition, music transcends boundaries…it takes us beyond cultures and religions. So the mornings, the afternoons, the sandhyas of the life rather each breath should go drenched in recognizing the presence of the divine/Sai. And as promised to my fans, I’ll continue to serve & celebrate with music and Deedar-e-Sai is just another step on the same journey!”

Daler Mehndi might have his “tunak tunak” but he’s more to it than that!

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